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How CBD can kick your fitness to the next level

CBD-Infusions for Workout Recovery

CBD – is the global buzz word moving across global media headlines. Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, the hero ingredient for beauty, bar, wellness, fitness and lifestyle. South Africa launched their first major store in Sandton City earlier on this month and aims to be the most trusted CBD healer in Southern Africa.

CBD oils can be used across your daily selfcare rituals to heal the body after a strenous running marthon to your Kayla Itsness HITT workout plan. Traditionally Epsom Salts have been used to bring the physcial body back into homeostatis and muscle recovery, with the delegalization on cannabis fast moving across global terriories including South Africa, CBD is soon to become your leading natural healer with the additional benefit coming from it’s mood elevating properties.

CBD Shop offers sports enthusiasts a selection of CBD sports supplements to use in your wellness recovery routines. We have traditionally been bought up to believe that we need to break muscle to build muscle, which goes hand-in-hand with joint pains and muscular inflamation. CBD is the miracle super herb that will transform your post excersise reigme with its healing properties that support muscle recovery, suppressing inflamation and reducing bone and muscular pain.

Explore your own self care rituals with these CBD supplements which promote and support post-work out recovery.:

  1. CBD Hemp Gummy Bears by CBD Shop

The most natural CBD gummy bear treat on the market. 100% vegan, gluten free, non GMO made with organically grown full spectrum CBD oil. 1 Gummy Bear = 5mg of Pure CBD Oil. Now avaliable from the CBD Shop and shoppable Instagram (@CBDshopsa)

  • CBD Hemp Cream 30ml by CBD Shop, R450

The CBDfx pain cream is a pharmaceutical formula made in America with a combination of high quality, CO2 extracted with CBD, white willow bar extracr and caffeine. Now avaliable online or instore at the CBD Shop.

  • CBDfx  MCT Oil 500mg by CBD Shop, R1000

CBDfx hemp oil tinctures are some of the ourest CBD oils avaliable from the CBD Shop.  This potent dose of the highest quality, full spectrum CBD oil in conjunction with sholesome MCT oil is organically grown and perfect for post-workout recovery and mood elevation.

South Africans can now purchase a range of CBD products imported from the leading manufacturers from the United States online at or, through the @CBDShopSa shoppable Instagram account.


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